Living Beyond Breast Cancer's Reach & Raise: Philadelphia 2018

Join my team in supporting Living Beyond Breast Cancer through Reach & Raise!
Join my team in supporting Living Beyond Breast Cancer through Reach & Raise!

Thrivin' and Survivin'

It's so great to bring team Thrivin' and Survivin' back together again to raise money for Living Beyond Breast Cancer.  Jewel and I know first hand how helpful LBBC is.  They continues to be our go-to resource for providing us with the support and the community when we need it.

This year our practice will honor the memory of several dear friends who we lost last year and continue the support of our newly diagnosed friends and those who live with metastic disease and its impact large and small every day.  We are giving a special shout out to our friends Michelle Kelly and Lisa Gary who were diagnosed in the fall of 2017.  They recently "rang the bell" completing their treatment and ready to live their best lives!!   and Michelle Gasorowski who has just started her journey.  And....Michelle Gasorowski who has just started her journey.

There are multiple ways for you to support team Thrivin' and Survivin' and LBBC.

 1.  Please join us on the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum on Sunday May 20th! It is a FABULOUS way to start out your day with over 2000 happy people doing yoga on the Rocky steps doing yoga and stretching reaching and raising to support everyone impacted by breast cancer and the work done by LBBC.

2.  If you cannot join us, please consider donating to our team and joining us on the steps in spirit!  We so appreciate your support and will dedicate part of our practice to you!

3.  Whether you are able to join us or not - please help us raise money.  Trust us - all of the funds go directly to all of existing LBBC programs and help fund new ones as well.

We will be successful because of all of your love and support and contributions. 

Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!

Amy and Jewel :)

FYI:  Since its launch in Philadelphia in 2001, Reach & Raise has attracted more than $2 million in individual support! In 2016 alone, we reached more than 550,000 people through our comprehensive website, informative webinars and publications and in-person conferences. With your help, we can increase our reach and help even more people impacted by this disease.


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